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We at R&K are all about providing you with quality and polished services because of our vast experience in the field which you may not find elsewhere.

We have professional knowledge about the usage of diverse materials for both residential and commercial landscaping Melbourne and paving services throughout Melbourne. With our experience, we are able to offer ideas and solutions that are sure to go well with your living theme and business line, tailored according to your requirements.

Landscaping Melbourne is gaining speed with the passage of time. Since this form of work is very much in fad these days, it has become imperative for the people to update their living styles. Our wide-ranged landscaping services are meant to revamp your garden in terms of both the looks and the function that it gives to you. Among the many services we impart, some of them include rock gardens, water plantations and features, sleeper retention walls, garden paving and a lot more.
In addition, our commercial landscape projects have set an example on their own. The significant features of landscaping Melbourne include exposed concrete, paving concrete, courtyard landscaping, terrace landscaping and many more. Vertical landscaping is yet another technique that has been much appreciated and liked by our client.

Paving and landscaping at R&K has been taken to a completely different level. Some of our much-liked construction projects include:

  • Paving of natural stone, concrete, red bricks and blue stone
  • Driveway paving as well as pavers for sealing
  • Swimming pool and landscape paving
  • Retaining walls
  • House façade, stone-featured walls and landscape
  • Garden renovation and makeovers
  • Natural stone, stack stone, Granite and Sandstone paving
  • Limestone and slate paving

Having a lot of experience in the world of construction, extension and renovation is what gives us an edge over others in Melbourne. At R&K, house transformation, landscaping and paving features are added with minimum hassle and interruption in your daily lifestyle. Our team of experts ensure a thorough inspection of the assigned project before initiating and while carrying out the desired tasks. With R&K, you can rest assured of quality work as our staff is qualified, professional and experienced at what they do.

We construct, service and renovate everything from domestic and rental to commercial properties. From landscape transformation and addition of new paving features, we have it all covered to perfection. The clients’ trust is our priority. We make sure that our valued clients are kept updated. Moreover, the clients feedback is also very much appreciated by R&K as we prefer to deliver work as per the requirements.

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