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Do you want your dream house without having to go out or purchase it? Do you want a brand new house without having to build it? Or do you want to increase the value of your home at the fraction of the price? Then it’s time for a house renovation!

We, at R&K Bricklaying, provide services related to home renovation and makeovers, which are meant to rejuvenate and update any property in Melbourne. House renovations in Melbourne are a necessity that arises from time to time in order to improve the living structures.

If you love where you live, but need an update or require more room with your growing family, then we can help as house renovations are our speciality. With us, all your house renovation services are personally taken care by our team of professionals. If you evaluate with other cities, house renovations Melbourne is best about extending house spaces while accommodating indoor spaces.

No worries! If you have an ample area outdoors such as lawn or an open space and require something unique out of it, we take that into consideration and create for you outstanding design ideas keeping in mind your requirements. With our contemporary, comfortable and smart themes, you can make adjustments to your living spaces in order to create a new look.

Guaranteed benefits of house renovations with R&K Bricklaying

We stand by the quality of our work with a comprehensive range of services:

  • Interior design enhancement
  • Colour and design consultation
  • Kitchen renovations and extensions
  • Bathroom renovation and extension

We look after you every step of the way

We understand many of our customers are not familiar with each and every phase of the construction process and the decision to take home renovations or extensions. So, we come up with creative ideas and suggestions related to commercial and domestic extensions and makeover as per the lifestyle endorsed by the people of Melbourne.

Let us help you to increase the value of your home

Among all different services, you will find many of features offered by us including:

  • The latest machinery and products
  • Environmental friendly work mechanisms
  • An affordable quote before starting the job
  • Help you to prioritise your ideas and provide the finishing touch to our plans.
  • Also help you in surface finishes, bricklaying, paving, bathrooms, windows, doors, insulations, framing etc.

So, let us assist you to figure out what your next steps should be in building your dream house renovations in Melbourne. You can call us on 0419 801 823 for creative ideas and skills in one package.

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