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Fireplace Construction & Restoration in Melbourne

The beautifully designed and crafted fireplaces are the true inspiration for custom, commercial and residential fireplace projects in Melbourne.

R&K Bricklaying believes in comprehensive renovation, home care and repairing through different affordable and durable ways. So, we are dedicated to providing professional fireplace construction in Melbourne to make your fireplaces more secure and everlasting.

Fireplaces can enhance the ambience of your room, so they are becoming a popular choice for home renovation projects. Also, they provide kind of comfort and cosiness for yourself, guests and your family when compared to other heating appliance. So, we are here to provide our customers with the latest designs, styles, colours of stone, and bricks to complement the look of your house.

Our extensive range of stones and bricks incorporating marble, limestone, granite, red bricks and quartz have different benefits and will create a magnificent piece of art i.e. ultimate fireplaces. No worries! If you are confused about selecting suitable stone or brick, our specialist will recommend you and ensure that you make an informed decision in the choice of material selection.

If you are looking to save utility costs, then we will provide you with an affordable quote before starting the work. Our bricklaying expertise has gained us the reputation of being one of the leading construction service providers in Melbourne. For us it doesn’t matter what is the size of fireplace you want in any location of your home or business, we promise you to provide best quality fireplace construction in Melbourne.Get life into your old, worn out fireplaces with fireplace restoration!

For many people, the most favourite hangout in their house is a fireplace. But it is not just enough to have a fireplace, at some point in time it becomes important to go for fireplace restoration in case it becomes old or needs some renovation.

The time and energy required to spend behind fireplace restoration are worth the output. Get the value of your money at R&K Bricklaying – one stop shop for fireplace construction and restoration in Melbourne.

For us construction and remodelling of fireplaces are not a big task, instead, we are able to introduce craving and embellishments to enhance the look of your fireplace as per the classic or modern theme.

A good fireplace repairs can make the difference when it comes to loving your fireplace once again. So, whether you want to give your whole fireplace new looks or require repair to your current fireplace for making it more proficient, R&K Bricklaying covered it all.

So, with trustworthy staff and affordable price packages, R&K Bricklaying is a leading company for fireplace construction in Melbourne. Choose us for true professionals and error free fireplace construction. For further details, you can call us on 0419 801 823!

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