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Chimney Repair in Melbourne

Being experts in bricklaying and blocklaying services, we also handle all types of work that require extensive brick repair work and installation. Out of all, chimneys are build with wide use of bricks, so its repair is considered to be important to remove soot and creosote that builds up inside.

Chimneys are subject consider to be harder life compare to most brickwork. Commercial, as well as household, requires chimney repairs more often, as chimneys are high above the roof and they receive the full force of wind and rain, so it is vital to repair as quickly as possible.

Being high off the ground, mortar issues rarely come to the attention of the owner in the course of everyday movement around the building. It leads to erosion which is structurally very dangerous if it is left unattended. So, with our highly professional specialists, you can able to detail with this problem, as they have a detailed eye for chimney repairs and services.

With our efficient repair service, the risk of building collapse reduces, so it is suggested that mortar life and integrity should be checked and get it fix as soon as possible.

Let yourself be satisfied with our efficient Chimney Repair services!

  • Efficient Debris and dirt removal service – This is considered to be the most common problem as debris and dirt build up in the chimney blocking the smooth smoke exhaustion. So, it is necessary to clean out!
  • Closed mechanised inspection – By using the latest equipment and video enhancement devices, chimneys are examined and repaired accordingly.
  • Structural evaluation- The structure is viewed significantly to analyse any built-in errors in the construction of the chimney.
  • Removal of rust and other accumulating factors
  • Painting, oiling and cleaning

So, we make sure that every property and chimneys that we work on are completely cared and promise to work with safety.

If you have a working chimney at your home, then it is important to carry out regular maintenance and sweeping to ensure that your chimney works safely and efficiently. Don’t worry, R&K Bricklaying chimney repair in Melbourne are the ultimate chimney cleaners that you will ever need, we clean and repair to all of Melbourne’s chimneys with 100% customer satisfaction.


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