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R&K Bricklaying is your one stop shop for all of your requirements related to brick repointing or blockwork in Melbourne. Our friendly team of experts in brickwork repointing, repointing brick repairs and blockwork projects will be happy to talk your requirements to find the best and most cost-effective brick repair solutions for you.

There is no refusing in the fact that since many years; brickwork building often wears down and develops cracks and flaws. This is true when we talk about old buildings, so in order to introduce fresh life into the buildings; restoration of brickwork is of utmost importance. This kind of restoration is known as brick repointing and it’s very much important to do that as bricks are considered being the most basic and the fundamental part of any construction.

In most of the brick repointing work, the old mortar is replaced with the new as mortar is considered to be the basic cause of wear and tear of the building structure. The job looks simple but actually, it takes lots of precision and we are dedicated to delivering brick repointing solutions in Melbourne that indicates efficiency, quality and value of your money.

The mortar pointing work requires the usage of sharp equipment like chisels, chaser drill bits and pointing trowels; however, with amateur hands, there is a chance of causing more harm to existing bricks that are already in good condition. So, it is always recommended to select the best brick repointing company.

Here at R&K Bricklaying, with years of experience in all areas of brick repointing and blockwork requirements, you will get hassle free maintenance for years to come. We provide extremely high-quality blockwork services from highly skilled, qualified and dedicated craftsmen. We are well-known for our high-quality brick repointing work and our ability to match existing brickwork.

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