House Renovations Melbourne

R&K services for home renovation and makeovers are meant to revitalize and update any property in Melbourne. House renovations Melbourne is a need that arises from time to time owing to enhancement in living structures and needs as well as family extensions.

We have a team of renovators and interior designers who are not only registered builders but also creative people. Hiring us, you will not only be happy with the newly introduced themes but also satisfied with the cost efficacy with which we will handle work in a preset budget.

These days, interior designs are all about self-reflection. At R&K, we make it a point to discuss your style and ideas before suggesting suitable solutions. Our subscribed themes are contemporary, comfortable and smart; so much so that a little adjustment here or there by you is able to create a new look for your living spaces.

All your house renovation services are personally catered by our team of experts. In comparison to other cities, home renovations Melbourne has always been about extending house spaces while accommodating indoor available land and spaces. Thus, with us you can be sure that we will present you with the solutions from your existing land and not by adding anything to it. On the other hand, if you have an ample area outdoors such as a lawn or an open space, we take that in consideration too and create design ideas depending on what exactly you need it for.

Our house makeover and renovation services include:

  • Interior design enhancement
  • Colour and design consultation
  • Kitchen renovations and extensions
  • Bathroom renovation and extension

The incentives we provide are:

  • The latest machinery and products
  • Environmental friendly work mechanisms
  • An affordable quote before starting the job
  • Help you prioritize your ideas and provide finishing touches to our plans.

If you feel that you are bored with your living spaces and want to introduce come fresh energy into it, then allow us to suggest to you creative ideas. Moreover, if you do not wish to change your location but desire to style up things, then consult us for renovation ideas. R&K is all about domestic and commercial extensions and makeover as per the landscape and lifestyle endorsed by the people of Melbourne. Whether it is a small improvement or an entirely different renovation need, we have something for all to make it work, be special and much loved.

Among our different services, you will find multitude of features offered by us. Some of these are surface finishes, bricklaying, paving, bathrooms, windows, doors, insulations, framing and what not.

House renovations Melbourne that is creative and easy on the pocket is not easy to find. If you are looking for ideas and skills in one package, then visit us at and contact us.