Fireplace Construction Specialist Melbourne

R&K believes in complete home care, renovation and repairing through ways that are affordable and durable. We take pride in professional fireplace construction both for residential and commercial properties so that your fireplaces are secures, everlasting and smooth in operation.

R&K is of the belief that having a traditional or old-fashioned fireplace loses its sophistication and impact on a place. Fireplace in many houses is the centre point of all activities and socializing. For this reason, the fireplace should have that ‘wow’ element in it. We are able to provide our customers with the newest of designs, styles, colours in terms of stone, and bricks so that our styles are best able to compliment the look of your house.

We provide myriads of choices in terms of stones and bricks. Some of these are marble, limestone, granite, red bricks and quartz. All these stones come with different benefits. Our fireplace construction specialist will not only recommend to you the suitable stone or brick for your fireplace but would also ensure that you make an informed decision in the choice of material selection. The prices tend to vary for each stone; so depending on the size of your fireplace, we will provide you with an affordable quote before starting on the work.

Fireplaces can be turned in to magnificent pieces of art. For this, we are able to introduce carvings and embellishments to enhance the look of your fireplace. This is very important if your living room is styled as per some classic or modern theme. We support discussions and interactions so that our customers get exactly what they have in mind.

Both construction and remodelling a fireplace is no small a task. Hence, it is recommended that you hire services of a professional company.

R&K is known for smooth and cost effective work management that involves no structural damage to your property. From mortar laying to its proper setting, we are responsible for everything. Our team is perfectly adapted to the latest machinery and tools of masonry; hence, you can actually sit back and relax, as your work will be handled as our own.

R&K provides its clients customized and affordable price packages. The staff is trustworthy as they have both the knowledge and the expertise to make R&K, a leading company for fireplace construction in Melbourne. Overall, fireplaces are an integral part of households, so only choose true professionals for error free and complete construction. For details and queries on fireplace construction, please visit us at