Chimney Repairs Melbourne

R&K, being the specialists in bricklaying and blocklaying services, offers to handle all kinds of work that requires extensive brick repair work and installation. Chimneys are no less different; in fact, they require the most widespread use of brick. Household as well as commercial places both require chimney repairs more often. This is because Chimneys high up are most susceptible to the forces of rain and wind and for this reason, they need to be mended as quickly as possible.

At R&K, we have our chimney experts sent to you for a detailed scrutiny of your chimney. Being high up and outside the eye level, this is one part of the house that is severely ignored unless some great issue arises. Due to the day-to-day movement and changes in any house, mortar in the chimney tends to get affected and for this purpose, it is always suggested that professional services are called in.

R&K specialists have a detailed eye for chimney repairs and services. Our experience says that mortar also withers with the passage of time. It then further leads to erosion which is structurally very dangerous if left unattended. In such instances, the risk of building collapse becomes more augmented. Thus, it is suggested that mortar life and integrity is checked for as quickly as possible.

Some of our services include:

  • Debris and dirt removal – This is the most common problem as debris and dirt accumulates in the chimney blocking the smooth smoke exhaustion.
  • Closed mechanized inspection – Using latest equipment and video enhancement devices, chimneys are examined and repaired accordingly.
  • Structural evaluation- The structure is viewed critically to analyse any built-in errors in the construction
  • Removal of rust and other accumulating factors
  • Painting and oiling
  • Cleaning

The best part about R&K services is that they will always suggest to you ways of improvement and repair as opposed to a completely new build up. If your chimney mortar is falling off or even if your are under the impression that the chimney requires a thorough inspection, call us. We advise our customers to have their chimneys checked more often than not as if left unattended; chimneys can pose to be a great danger.

Large-scale properties such as an industrial property chimney repairs is no small task. It is not only dangerous due to the presence of toxins and chemicals but due to the sheer size and handling of the big chimneys too.

With R&K, you will be entirely satisfied with the levels of our assessment and delivery of our cost effective repair work. For further details and query, kindly visit us at